Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Comic Stips from young artists

Teaching young minds to draw like they've never lifted a pencil before can be difficult.  Teaching them to draw lightly and loosely is especially difficult when they bear down on that pencil with all of their might.  You almost need to take on a Yoda approach and get them to "Unlearn what (they've) Learn". 

But, this class is a fun, after school art class.  My objective was to get them to step outside of the box, come up with fun characters and a fun storyline or joke to make a comic strip out of.  These kids really came up with some special pieces. 

I've been a little backed up with life.  And who hasn't, am I right?  So, to those who are looking for your work to be posted, it's coming.  Still cleaning and composing your work, so keep an eye on this blog.

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