Friday, June 12, 2015

Welcome to my blog!

This is a blog about the art of cartooning and animation.  The blog will focus on my love and knowledge of the animation business and it's past.  My knowledge consists mostly of the Walt Disney company, as it is the majority of animation's business, but it won't be soley devoted.  I have never run a blog before, so you'll have to bear with me while I get this started.  Well, that's not true.  You don't have to.  Anyone in the business knows that you only have a mere few seconds to grab someone's attention before they move their mouse to the back button.  Fortunately for me, I know enough about a few mice that will be sure to keep you interested enough to visit again.  But, a little about me before we get started...

My name is Paul.  I come from the magical place called Massachusetts.  Being a cartoonist, long before I could form sentences, I was forming cartoon characters with my Crayolas.  Copying from coloring books and Saturday morning cartoons (back in the day when we had such things), I learned the basics of cartooning.  I learned what I could from school art classes, but the real teachers came after school.  I had some moderate success designing t-shirts and newspaper advertising, when I could get the gig, but I always felt my art seemed stiff and lacked life.  That brings me to that day my good friend and neighbor introduced me to a regular customer of his office supply shop.  

A cartoonist for Warner Bros. that worked freelance, Kirk would come into the shop to utilize the copy machines and pick up drawing supplies.  We met and he took genuine interest in my goals of being a professional cartoonist myself.  An honest to goodness Warner Bros. artist took an interest in little ole my talents and me.  We met up at his home studio later that afternoon.  I was instructed to bring my sketchbooks and whatever else showed him where I was in my training.  He went through my work and displayed genuine confidence in my abilities, but saw where I needed some instruction.  I was all too to listen and take whatever constructive criticism he had for me.  I took a drawing of mine and copied it.  He used his sketch to show me where I could go with it, and explained concepts like I had wished my teachers did long before.  He sent me away with homework assignments that I couldn’t wait to get home to.  Within a few short months, my drawings were looser, and appeared to live on the page.  I couldn’t believe the progress I had made in such a short period of time.  T-shirt design jobs came a little more frequently as did mural requests.  The real thrill came about one day, when he asked me to assist him in an art piece for Warner Bros.  He had an assignment for a gallery piece that involved musical instruments.   He had been telling me that the business is all in who you know, and it was my time to be given a chance to show what I could do.  A few months later, he and I flew out to Burbank for his art signing, my portfolio under my arm, I had been bitten by the bug.

I’m in California now.  Working professionally in the art world.  I have done work for small business offices and restaurants, small organizations as well as Warner Bros. and Disney. 

I have big plans for this blog.  Discussing art is primary one, but I fully expect my love and passion for Disney and it’s history to invade more often than not.  I hope you find this blog entertaining as well as educational.  I promise to keep it interesting.  Certainly more interesting than this into post.  If you are still reading this, I thank you for putting up with me, and look forward seeing you in my next post!

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